sarah nelima has invited you to join the highest paying online platform on the continent. Our platform is a web-based program that instantly pays you Kshs 350.00 or Kshs 500.00 via MPESA for every new user you invite into the platform.

Each one of those new users invited will just need to create an account and your earnings account will automatically get credited as soon as their account has been created. All your earned funds are paid at any time to your MPESA Account upon your request.

We pride ourselves in having the friendliest & the most effective payment plan which is what has earned us the loyalty and the rare trust, devotion and commitment we enjoy from people like sarah.

Join us today and start your journey towards becoming a self-made millionaire through the simplest, cheapest but the most lucrative of ways.

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How to receive Payments

  • You will receive all your payments through your MPESA account number.
    receiving payments
    The MPESA account number should be the same as the mobile number that you will use when creating your Encyclopesa account. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number when signing up.

  Getting Started

  • To start earning, Create your Account on our Registration Page and a unique referral link associated with your account details will be provided. The referral link is for sharing on social media and is designed to attract other users to the program and enable you earn income when they get registered by this link.
  • Use the registration credentials to login and access your account profile. On your profile you will be able to view all the people you have invited and the corresponding earnings based on your account type, options for sharing your referral link and for withdrawing your earnings.

  Earning Revenues

  • Your account can either be a Level-A or a Level-B account. For every new user invited (direct referral), you earn KES 350 if your account is a Level-B Account (default) or KES 500 if your account is a Level-A Account (Premium).
  • When someone that you invited in turn invites someone else (indirect referral), an additional KES 150 will be credited to your account if your account is a Level-B Account or KES 200 if your account is a Level-A Account. That's two-tiers referral earning bonus.
  • The minimum payout is KES 2,000 which implies that you need a minimum of 5 direct referrals before you can receive funds to your MPESA Account from your Encyclopesa Earnings Account.


  • When a new user joins our program and creates a Level-B account, they will be charged a once in a lifetime referral program fee of KES 400. We deduct a facility fee of KES 50 and credit KES 350 as revenues to the account of the person who invited them to the program. If the new user instead wishes to create a Level-A account, he/she will submit KES 650 one time referral program fee where KES 500 goes directly to the account of the referrer who invited them while we earn a facility fee of KES 150.
  • Thus, if for instance you invite 20 different people within an hour and all create Level-B accounts, your account is credited with (20 * 350) = KES 7,000 while if the same number of new users create Premium Level accounts (Level-A), your account is credited with (20 * 500) = KES 10,000 instantly.
  • The one-time referral program charges are only paid once in the entire lifetime of your account and you can either pay it when creating your account or pay it with part of your account revenues if you have already started earning.
  • In the event that you invite a user but the user fails to open an account, you will not be paid. If you encounter any problems relating to operating your account which you intend to report to us, we strongly recommend that you quote the User ID provided on your account profile to make it easier for us to assist you.

Encyclopesa App

You may download our app for more convenience and easier management of your Encyclopesa account.