Rosemary Anyango

August 6 at 4:39 PM  

hello thanks updating my new mobile number b blessed i can't believe i paid for my 6 months rent in advance with your money i'm just so humbled b blessd so so much u r so cool i'm loving my life,,,,

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Winnie Mutheu

4 hrs  

Hi there I'm winnie niko na swali mbona mnatoa pesa mingi ivo mtu aki withdraw from my account to mpesa??? my account is TYPE B and yesterday i had 29 direct referrals and 84 indirect n ma total was kes22,750 i received 22,405 only in my mpesa you deducted almost 350shilling yet its my sweat thats a lot of money i'm not happy at all muache umatuta plzKenyansKenyans

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Omondi Mark

5 hrs  

Kindly reduce the charges for withdrawing revenues to Mpesa. Those rates are not very friendly. I'm tired of being charged almost 500bob every time I withdraw from Kshs.35,000 and above. Please revise those rates. (Regards, Odhiambo Marcus Omondi)

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Purity Kamau

1 hr  

I want to upgrade my account from level-B to level-A but i had already paid for account level-B and I have been earning and withdrawing money but do i pay 650 or will i pay (650-400=250) in order to upgrade please help me understand my UserID is 861732006 thanks in advance

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Stima Ya Token

14 hrs  

Wooow you finally sent my money to my new number i lost my older line and was not able ku login thanx 4 reversing the money and sending to my new number good job shukran sana i was broke as f*ck.....

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Kendi Glory

6 hrs  

nini mbay na account yangu iko level A but niki refer watu ina reflect pesa za level B tebu nisaidieni aki sielewi shida ni gani na vile niko na watu wengi kwa referrals na nikitoa pesa zinakuja kwa mpesa nikama niko kwa Level B saidia plzzzzzzzzz,,.???

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Zippy Lenkotei

2 hrs  

hi help me change ma last name as per my id card coz i entered middle name instead of last name when registering and its saying my names dont match my mobile number its not corresponding i see errors when i want to login,,, kindly help its very urgent thanks alot -:)

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Michael Stano Mike

July 4 at 11:09 AM  

huhuhuuu yani nilikuja huku na matuta na matambara na saa hii nanunulia dem yangu coffee ya java na ma pizza aki ya nani mnabamba tu sana long live the hope of a young man like me but with a big dream of being a football star am greatly humbled..

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Cherono Carolyne Chebet

February 1 at 1:27 PM  

helloo why are you talking 3 hours to reply to my messages i sent you a message about my account refusing to upgrade to level-A but its ok since i hav fixed the problem myself..... please be quick next time we have other things to do thanks for the job anyway i love it

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Victor Makori Mogaka

April 26 at 9:43 AM  

WOW thanks for this amazing stuff I'm getting cool money i never thought i could make money this EASILY to pay my bills from the internet. long live you are simply amazing and i love that wooooow i still can't believe what i have seen in my mpesa balance thank you a lot guys i'm smiling at last

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Rashid Baraza

9 hrs  

I hav been repaying all my mobile loans and HELB since last year bt please pesa mna charge mtu akitransfer pesa mpaka kwa simu ni mingi sana punguzeni mzigo tafadhali tunaumia na vile mtu hukazana kutafuta referrals kila siku mpaka kwa matanga, ma harusi, kanisani, facebook, kila mahali bana angalau mtoto asome na apate chakula bana

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Stellah A. Ngarizu

3 hrs  

You should start considering giving incentives to those who have more than 100 direct referrals coz kaa mimi mnafaa mnipee certificate juu nimewaletea watu wengi sana but mnanilipa tu na rate ya kawaida tambueni watu kama sisi bana at least tu feel appreciated. What i earn daily is not enough i hav so many people who earn from this site ata ka trophy hatujakataa wallai

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